You might be in the same boat as many first time ESL teachers coming to China. Here we have compiled a frequently-asked-questions section for those that are coming to teach TEFL or wish to teach here in the future.

How Many Students Are In A Class?

Teaching in China is different from many European classrooms that have approximately 30 students. In Shenzhen public schools they have approximately 40 - 50 students. Although this may seem like a lot, on your first day teaching it will feel a lot, you will get used to it. Students are fun and interesting; at the end of the class you will leave with a big smile. If you are working in grades 1 to 3 you may have a Chinese teaching assistant.

What's The Salary for English Teaching in Shenzhen?

Basic salaries for teachers in Shenzhen City range from 13000rmb - 17500rmb in public schools (2019). While this might not seem a lot, the cost of living is inexpensive. So you can save a lot. If you want to earn more whilst teaching in Shenzhen you will probably, quiet easily, be able to find part time work teaching English to students.

Do you have customer service?

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