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Ten Things You Need To Pack When Teaching In Shenzhen, China

When travelling abroad. For anything, let alone to teach English in China. You need to make sure that you take every things that you need in your everyday life. So when you land in Shenzhen or any other Chinese city, you are ready to go. Nothing worse than arriving in China without the right travel charger.

We have compiled a list of items that you need to bring to teach English in Shenzhen China.


1. Electric Adapters (Plug Sockets) in Shenzhen

The sockets in Shenzhen, China things are different to the west. In England they have the standard 3 socket plugs and sockets.

In Shenzhen they either two straight pin plugs or 3 straight pin pugs (with the bottom two facing outwards).

Imagine you are late for the first day of teaching English because you didn’t charge your phone and the alarm didn’t go off. Not a good enough excuse for the school. Bring the right adapters for your plugs.

2. Your Brain – English Teachers Please Bring Your Brian (Brain) To Shezhen

Numerous amount of times English Teachers have gone out on a school night, often to Coco Park. The following day they won’t go to school because they have pulled a ‘sickie’.

Well do this too many times and you could be fired. Remember you are an English Teacher in Shenzhen to do a job. It’s unfair to you, your brain and your bank balance. Not forgetting the Chinese students waiting for their English Teacher.

3. Pens – Teach Shenzhen with your pens

Not just for school. But for when you are crossing border points and it’s busy. Nothing worse than seeing people get ahead of you in the que whilst you are waiting to fill out your arrivals form to get into Shenzhen!

And then of course, for school – the students, the teachers, the cleaners will all take your pens. And when teaching in Shenzhen schools it’s important to have them. Don’t let others win, bring a pen!

4. Computer – Lesson Planning and Watching Neflix (Down time in Shenzhen)

It’s highly recommended that you use your own computer to prepare lesson plans. Most of the schools computers are old and very slow! And they are programmed in Chinese characters, so it’s best to bring a computer that is programmed in English so it’s easy to prepare your lesson plans, on power-point, to teach English in the classroom.

When teaching in Shenzhen you need to relax. So remember to sign up for Netflix whilst you are in your home county. Don’t wait until you are in China this could be very tricky.

5. Clothes – Many Clothes – Many many clothes – Crazy Weather In Shenzhen!

It gets so hot in Shenzhen, from July to December, please make sure to bring clothes for this. Walking into the classroom to teach English with sweat all over you is not the best look for an English Teacher.

Bring many shirts or blouses. And bring your coat. Most classrooms in Shenzhen are only kitted out with air conditioners. No heaters here i’m afraid. So during the winter months December to February you will find most teachers wearing their coats to teach English. It’s normal here and even more normal in Beijing.

6. Teaching English Materials Such As Books

Most schools will set a curriculum and you should follow the specific curriculum whilst you teach English. Some will allow you to do your own thing. As you teacher higher grades you really have to make your classes unique. If you can find some materials locally, their quality is usaully better and they have great ideas for the classroom.

7. Teach English Documents

Don’t forget your original copies of your documents. Without these you won’t be able to re-apply and get a second visa to teach English in Shenzhen. It sounds obvious. But many teachers forget this and then when the time comes to reapply for their visas. It becomes a pain for them and the recruitment company. You need them for further employment.

8. Bank Cards – Teachers Don’t Forget These!

Perhaps you will be in a sticky situation. For example you might not get paid for your teaching right away. So you will need extra funds. Don’t forget that most ATMs across the world will charge a handling fee. And your bank from home will also add a fee so you will have double fees. Teaching in China pays well, so once the ball gets rolling, you will have a good salary to party (providing its not on a school night). Remember the poor kids!

In Shenzhen there are many ATMs. Planted on every street. Whether it be China Construction Bank, China Merchants bank or even HSBC – you will find the ATM you need. Shenzhen is an international city and is the face of many banks. Come to Shenzhen today.

9. When Teaching in Shenzhen – You Deffo Need An Umbrella –

High chances are students won’t be willing to give their foreign teacher their umbrella. Bring one or buy one at 7/11.

There is a rainy season in Shenzhen. And trust me you don’t want to be waiting under a bus stop until the heavy down pour has finished. You need to be on time for class. Your lovely students await your English teaching skills.

One more point about the weather. If we get a typhoon in Shenzhen. Then most English and Chinese classes are cancelled for the day. So you can have a day off and relax and still be paid for the time you should have been teaching English.

10. Patience – Shenzhen City is a massively populated city.

With an over populous city like Shenzhen, which has over 12,528,300 people, there comes many problems. Such as getting on and off trains, queing to buy something and even going to the toilet. These problems a small at home. But in Shenzhen they are magnified.

You will probably have upto 50 students in one class if you are teaching in a public school in Shenzhen. This causes problems in class with many students wanting to speak and learn all in one go. They might be noisy and naughty but you will need to learn to control your English class. Have patience and become a super teacher.

In Conclusion…

Bring anything you want to China. Be level headed when teaching. And provide an excellent English class for your students. Be a super teacher and reap the rewards. Above is just a fun little guide to help you before you leave your home country and come to teach in China.

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