7 Reasons Why Teaching in Shenzhen is a Good Idea

7 Reasons Why Teaching English in Shenzhen Is A Good Idea

  1. Teaching in Shenzhen gives you an opportunity to explore one of China’s newest cities. Ove 30 years ago Shenzhen was just a small fishing village with hardly any buildings compared to now.
  2. Teaching Location: Situated right next to go Hong Kong Shenzhen is a convenient place if you want to travel around Asia. With many flight destinations from Hong Kong Airport – teaching in Shenzhen can enable you to travel very easily.
  3. Nowadays Shenzhen is a vibrant city with over 20 million people residing in it. Meet many other teachers that decided teaching in Shenzhen was the right way to go.
  4. Shenzhen is a clean city with a modern subway system makes it easy to get around. Cars and buses are mainly electric so the pollutions levels are low compared to cities such as Beijing or Shanghai.
  5. Teachers love shopping. And there are many many shopping walls dotted all over the city. Containing brands from all over the world.
  6. Shenzhen is a top city full of attractions and the worlds 4th tallest building. Pingan. It hosts a few theme parks one of them named Windows of the World. It’s a miniature version of the main countries from around the globe.
  7. Finally teaching in Shenzhen you are able to connect with some of the best students that you will meet abroad. Whether you work in a middle, high, or primary school. The students will make your time here the best. Good Luck.
    If you want to travel or teach Shenzhen is the perfect city to go to.

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